K-OZ ENTERTAINMENT PTY LTD is Australia's premier Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) promotions and management company.

Company Overview

K-OZ ENTERTAINMENT PTY LTD entertains fans in the multi-dimensional world of competitive fighting. With access to elite, high profile athletes, we capture the essence of rivalry in its rawest form.

The brain child of Grady Stewart, K-OZ ENTERTAINMENT is more than just an event management company, we're more than a spectator sport and we're definitely not your average joe. We create excitement, deliver non-stop action and make you wish the show never stopped. We bring the world's most established and recognised fighters to Australia. We give you the match-ups you want to see in the arena of boxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). And we give the next generation of elite combat fighters access to an unforgettable experience!


Merging all forms of competitive combat, K-OZ ENTERTAINMENT aims to deliver value for money in a controlled, exciting, unforgettable showcase. With over 20 years of global and multi-industry experience we give fans what they desire – a show, not just an event, which encapsulates the entire competitive fighting arena.